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Do you want to know why the elites have destroyed your lives over the last 15 months?

Do you want to know why the elites have destroyed your lives over the last 15 months? Well read on, I promise to explain all of it A thread. It links nicely to this story: (1/28) Rishi Sunak plans to replace our cash with official digital currency In what Treasury insiders say would be the biggest upheaval in the monetary system for centuries, the Bank of England would establish a direct digital equivalent to physical money.…

Remember Gordon Brown promising to end ‘boom and bust’? He didn’t of course, B&B are a feature of our type of monetary system. What’s worse that system comes with a built in self-destruct mechanism and we are perilously close to that point. (2/28)

The theory is during a boom you raise interest rates to cool the economy and each bust you lower them to stimulate. BUT – each time we have boom & bust we come out if it with lower sustainable interest rates. (3/28)

Remember the days you could get 8% on a regular high street bank account? The old George Cole ‘Leeds Liquid Gold’ ad comes to mind: (4/28)

If you want to understand the mechanism better there is a great video from billionaire investor Ray Dallio that walks you through the whole process, but the nub is, it’s a one way process over decades: (5/28)

After 2008 we reached the end of the road, interest rates had been lowered to ZERO. At this point you can’t lower them any further to stimulate the economy. Normally at this point the money system will collapse and a new one emerge. (6/28)

The average age of a fiat currency is only 27 years. So the Decimalised £GBP is actually an old man just like the non-gold standard $USD which started in 1971. It goes without saying that the rich elites very much want to stay rich as we transition to whatever comes next (7/28)

The obvious alternative in an internet age is electronic money like bitcoin. But that’s a huge problem for the elites, because no-one controls bitcoin. It is money independent from any State or any Central bank. And controlling the money itself is HUGELY powerful. (8/28)

Ideally, governments want to create their own Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) which is linked to a national digital ID which gives government total control over their citizens. They can track your every purchase and deduct any amount of tax without even asking. (9/28)

The problem is we don’t have a national digital ID system that would be the underpinning of any such CBDC, and the old system is going to collapse, it’s only a question of when at this point. How can we be so certain that the collapse is both imminent and unavoidable? (10/28)

Interest rates are already at zero, so you can’t lower them. So the only option left is to print new money to stimulate the stock market. Indeed, the money printing has been absurd lately with 30% of all money having been created in the last few years. (11/28)

So why not just take the pain and let the stock market collapse? They realllly can’t allow that - problem is that 60% of taxes are paid by the top 5% of income earners, and the top 5% aren’t usually working really hard, their income is from the stock market in the main. (12/28)

So if the stock market collapses so do taxes. If taxes go, so does the government, pensions, welfare will all go. People will start rioting at the same moment they don’t have money to pay police salaries or the military. We will have a revolution. They do not want this. (13/28)

Of course you can only prop up the market with printed money for so long before inflation turns our money into toilet paper. I think the elites realised the sh*t they were in in the mid-2010s. The next big 2008 style collapse was going to be their comeuppance. (14/28)

So how do you transition to a new money system that retains the power of government and the elite? The logical alternative of bitcoin is stateless, and in that future if government don’t control the money you only pay for government services you actually want. (15/28)

Fortunately (for them) the Chinese figured out the answer. You create your own digital money. Linked to their existing national digital ID system that goes the other way entirely from free money, indeed, it massively expands the power of government. (16/28)

The elites were in a desperate race to solve 2 big problems. 1) How to make the population accept a digital ID system? 2) In the background come up with their own CBDC. And the clock was very much ticking down. • • • Everyone reading this knows how they solved problem 1! (17/28)

So is it too late? - Have the Davos elites won the day and we are heading into the Brave New World. With a social credit system underpinning a government that monitors and score every purchase you make, and scores your value to them? (18/28)

Not necessarily no, because as I mentioned the alternative is bitcoin, not controlled by anyone. It would represent a new stateless era of money, and a massive reduction of power of the state and a new paradigm of freedom. (19/28)

The problem is governments are seriously behind the curve on this. China is almost a decade out front. Which is why China recently banned bitcoin, because their CBDC was almost ready to go live. (20/28)

Indeed, China has been planning to seize control of the worlds ‘Reserve Currency Status’, (currently held by the US), for decades. China is the world’s largest Gold producer, and every ounce is bought by the government and placed in a vault. Has been or years. (21/28)

For decades they have been waiting for the $USD to get to the end of the road so they could assume the mantle of Global reserve currency and the exchange for all oil transactions. A colossal market and the root of much of the US power. (22/28)

The emergence of digital money, dovetailed with the CCPs social credit system beautifully so a new China CBDC backed by an enormous gold reserve was a perfect opportunity to smash dominance of the $USD and achieve their own. You see why western elites are so frantic! (23/28)

A very big BUT. Western elites want their own CBDC. BUT, they will take the stateless bitcoin if the only alternative is a China digital Yuan as the new global reserve currency. This is why China has banned bitcoin, but the West don’t dare yet. It’s their plan B (24/28)

So we face 2 futures. One freedom, one Chinese style social credit and CBDC in the West as well. But remember that the existing money system is going to collapse soon and the West is not ready to make the transition, yet! (25/28)

Important: If we want to be free all we need do is become ungovernable, and resist long enough for the house of cards to come down by itself. (26/28) But make no mistake we are in a race, and governments are following a Davos plan. Its why they act in such a coordinated way around the world. If we want to be free, we simply need slow them down long enough. Good luck! (27/28)

Finally, you ask what a bitcoin could be worth in these 2 futures? My jottings (Do your own research) suggest in the CBDC future bitcoin won’t be worth much at all. But in the freedom future where Bitcoin becomes the global reserve it would be something like $14m each. (28/28)

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